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Jonathan Suttin

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A new way of thinking

I generally think of myself as liberal, but I think I want to make a change.  No, I'm not turning into a conservative or a radical.  I'd like to declare myself as "open-minded". I think what pushed me into this new way thinking was after watching Bill Maher perform last night at Overture Center.  I usually enjoy Mr. Maher's takes on world events and last night was decent, but in some ways it didn't seem much different than a rally for those annoying Tea Party freaks. Most of us like to think we're open-minded, but I just don't think it's true.  One of the main things that bothers me about many of the the conservative talk show hosts are the sweeping generalizations about liberals and democrats. Conservative talk show hosts will says  democrats are trying to ruin the country and want to keep people on welfare.   It felt last night at times that Maher was doing the same thing about conservatives and republicans. Are all liberals good hearted and all conservatives evil?  Hardly. I like to take things on a case by case basis.  Maybe it's not realistic, but I just can't get on board with one group and simply delcare that another group is filled with idiots.  It appears we're all taking the easy way out by simply picking a side and sticking with it.  Is it possible to be in a favor of gay marriage and the right to bear arms?   What ever happened to critical thought and analysis?

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08/02/2010 7:08AM
A new way of thinking
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08/04/2010 11:28AM
I agree. I am a huge Maher fan and attended Sunday nights performance. I was hoping for some new material which he seems to have on his HBO show weekly but was let down a bit with some of it was the same material from this past seasons show. It is a bit juvenile to just take a side and roll with it. What ever happened to commonsense? Thanks for the article.
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