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Jonathan Suttin

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500 to 15

Dying is easy, comedy is hard -- George Bernard Shaw's last words.   Writing or saying something funny is really tough to do.  Every morning Kitty and I will find stories and sometimes we come up with something funny to say, but other times...not so much.  I used to get mad that I couldn't think of something funny to say each and every time. Not anymore. This morning we chatted with Saturday Night Live's head writer and Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers.  He's coming to Madison tomorrow to perform stand-up at the Barrymore theatre.  I asked him how many people are writing jokes for the Weekend Update segment.  He told me he works with 3 other writers and they come up with about 500 jokes for the show and only about 15 of them are actually used. I know he was exaggerating, but I'm sure it's still a lot of jokes.  And let's be honest, not even all the jokes that do make it on the show are funny. Wow.  I guess this job is harder than I thought.  Somehow that makes me feel better. Listen to the interview here:

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10/18/2011 6:31AM
500 to 15
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