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[Album Review] G. Love & Special Sauce - "Fixin To Die"

"Fixin' To Die" G. Love & Special Sauce "The G stands for Garrett and the 'Love' just felt right." And G. Love & Special Sauce has put out another album last month that is a fun and catchy ride. Produced by the Avett Brothers (and I'm a fan of them), I have to say that this is sound is a banjo filled fun time. Here is the title track from the album: G. Love & Special Sauce ramp up the blues in this album.  The second song of the album is "The Road," a melancholy ode to the grungy life of a band, connecting with fans but far removed from your family.  The same goes for "Katie Miss."  I was struck how this album goes from the high energy of "Fixin' To Die" to the soft lulling of "Katie Miss" to a song about coffee in "Milk and Sugar."  But, I'm not particularly fond of odes to hot beverages and this is one of the few that fails to deliver. Amazing Covers
  • I think that all artists should cover someone on their albums.  It's a recipe for collaboration and a deep sign of respect.  So, I especially loved the cover of "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover," one of my favorite songs by Paul Simon.  G. Love & Special Sauce add their own special instrumental ending and it is spectacular.
  • The title track is by Bukka White, and has been covered by a host of musicians including Bob Dylan on his debut album.
  • The next cover is "Pale Blue Eyes," by Velvet Underground.  I really enjoy this song and it it s a great way to end the album.
There are other great songs in the mix like "Walk On" and "Get Going" and several others. Overall: I think if you're a fan of The Avett Brothers, you will like this album.  It has a nice mix of raucous and slow blues.  G. Love & Special Sauce have created a great lively R&B album and I think that the range of covers is fun and well-done.  I didn't like all of the songs, but I think overall there is a strong selection that a wide variety of listeners will like. -Soren Nieminen

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02/28/2011 3:00AM
[Album Review] G. Love & Special Sauce - "Fixin To Die"
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02/28/2011 3:26AM
MUSIC DAZZLE » 1055 Triple M » [Album Review] G. Love & Special Sauce – “Fixin To 
[...] 1055 Triple M » [Album Review] G. Love & Special Sauce – “Fixin To … [...]
02/28/2011 9:04AM
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02/28/2011 10:27AM
yo check this out its sick my station in Philly had G. Love preform live check out the video, pics, and more all right here at
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